Thursday, April 29, 2010

Standards of Hiring

[The following is a repeat from a blog of mine on 11/4/09.]

As you all know, I have unusual people applying to work for my company. I have gotten about 750 applications so far this year. Unfortunately I would not say that most of them would be ones that I'd consider. I processed 7 applicants today that I'd gotten in the last week:

  • 2 that I'd terminated in a previous year for bogus SS #'s.
  • 3 had felony convictions for forgery/robbery.
  • 1 that I had a bad feeling about.
  • And the final one was acceptable.

I would like to find new janitors who have a steady work history, no criminal convictions, and have experience in the janitorial world. This is what I was looking for at the start of my day.

By noon, my qualifications were they should have a clean criminal background and good work history.

By 3pm, my qualifications were that they had no felonies and neither my assistant nor I could remember anything bad about the impression they made on us when they applied.

I was able to set up 5 interviews for 2 full time positions.

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