Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hints For Job Seekers - #10 or Mothballs Don't Cover Stink

...or how this blog got its title.

I have a Facebook® profile. I often post comments of strange things that are happening to me at work as they happen. One day I was telling a story about a guy who had come into my office to drop off an application. He had a distinctive aroma of mothballs covering up body odor with underlying notes of marijuana. One of my FB friends who I'd gone to high school with, M., made the comment that a good title of my non-existent book on Human Resources would be Mothballs Don't Cover Stink. It made me laugh so hard for the rest of my day that I created the new blog as soon as I got home. (Sidebar note: One of the things that I like best about Facebook® is that I'm getting acquainted with people I went to high school with. M. is someone I didn't know very well at all in high school. It's my loss because M. makes me laugh when I read her comments.) Another FB friend of mine even came up with lyrics to a blues song to commemorate the event.

Anyway, this particular man was someone I'd interviewed for an opening I had 3 years ago. I decided back then not to hire him in part because of the wacky dance he did outside of my office after he finished his interview.

He comes back every couple of months to "check on the status of his application" and to hit on my administrative assistant. My assistant, by the way, has nicknamed him Bushwick Bill. I converted his name to Bushstink Bill. I guess a helpful suggestion to "Bill" would be that if my assistant disappears as soon as you pull up to our office, it's not a good sign for your romantic future with her.

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  1. Reading stories like this make me very happy I'm not in the business of HR!