Saturday, January 7, 2012

HR Corollary #1

A couple years ago, my (now former) assistant set up an interview for her sister-in law (Sh) for a job opening. Sh didn't show up for the interview. When my assistant asked her why she hadn't come in, Sh said that she didn't have anything to wear that she thought was appropriate. Of course, that shouldn't have stopped her from calling to cancel or reschedule her appointment, but it had.

Sh filled out an application a few weeks ago. I couldn't remember why she had not shown for her interview, but after talking to my former assistant I decided to consider her for an opening I had. Sh was very persistent on following up almost every day to see if I'd made a decision on hiring her. I told her that with the holidays, I wasn't going to make any hiring decisions until after the first of the year. I said that I would call her after January 3rd.

On January 4th, she sent my former assistant's 16 year old son in to check on the status of my hiring decision. This irritated me quite a bit. I told him to tell Sh that I would be calling her soon.

Despite my gut instinct, I offered Sh a part time position on January 5th. She agreed that she would come in for orientation on January 6th at 2pm and would start that evening.

Obviously, she didn't show for orientation or call.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Hint For Job Seekers #15

Years ago I worked behind the counter at a day labor staffing company. We got an order to send 2 guys to a town about 100 miles away to help unload a moving truck. Bobby was the driver of the car. Immediately after he got there, he called me to tell me the moving truck was not at the house. I called the driver who told me that he was just a few blocks away and for Bobby to wait. I call Bobby back and he told me that he wasn't waiting. The truck driver was ticked off and I couldn't get anyone else to take the job. I not only fired Bobby from working at our branch, but I had our corporate headquarters fire him nationwide for 2 years.

So, Bobby came to my office today because he'd heard I had openings. Actually I had filled all my positions, but even if I had not, I would not offer Bobby a job. My normal approach in this situation would be to tell the applicant I had no intention of hiring that I would keep his application on file for future openings.

But today I said this to Bobby: "You know, Bobby, you were an employee of mine 5 years ago. I sent you to a job to unload a truck in a town 2 hours away. You decided to leave before the truck driver got there even though I asked you to stay. You've proven yourself to be undependable to me. I can't imagine a situation that I would ever feel comfortable offering you a job."

And then Bobby thanked me and left.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hint For Job Seekers #14

When I got to work, I found an email from the online dating site Zoosk inviting me to write a testimonial for one of my recent applicants. I haven't done it.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


This is based on an actual situation I was in while I worked behind the counter at a temporary day labor staffing company.