Monday, September 19, 2011

Hint For Job Seekers #15

Years ago I worked behind the counter at a day labor staffing company. We got an order to send 2 guys to a town about 100 miles away to help unload a moving truck. Bobby was the driver of the car. Immediately after he got there, he called me to tell me the moving truck was not at the house. I called the driver who told me that he was just a few blocks away and for Bobby to wait. I call Bobby back and he told me that he wasn't waiting. The truck driver was ticked off and I couldn't get anyone else to take the job. I not only fired Bobby from working at our branch, but I had our corporate headquarters fire him nationwide for 2 years.

So, Bobby came to my office today because he'd heard I had openings. Actually I had filled all my positions, but even if I had not, I would not offer Bobby a job. My normal approach in this situation would be to tell the applicant I had no intention of hiring that I would keep his application on file for future openings.

But today I said this to Bobby: "You know, Bobby, you were an employee of mine 5 years ago. I sent you to a job to unload a truck in a town 2 hours away. You decided to leave before the truck driver got there even though I asked you to stay. You've proven yourself to be undependable to me. I can't imagine a situation that I would ever feel comfortable offering you a job."

And then Bobby thanked me and left.

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