Monday, May 10, 2010

Hints For Job Seekers - #12

I am the sort of person who tries to figure out what people do the things they do. Sometimes I can't. A couple of times we have had someone pick up an application only to bring it back a few days later to fill out in our office. We had a guy stop by our office a couple weeks ago to check on the status of his application. He'd filled out his app almost a year ago, so I gave him a new one to fill out. I told him that we had several openings. He drove away with the application.

He returned 8 days later with the application. He hadn't filled it out during those 8 days, so he needed to fill it out inside our office. He came back half an hour from our closing time (5 pm). We generally stop people from filling them out in our office at 4 o'clock. But my assistant, S., left him do it. Her quitting time was at 4:30, but she was planning on staying until he finished the app. I told her to go on home.

He also broke my assistant's stapler, which didn't get him any bonus points.

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